How to get a visa to Brazil

Getting a visa to Brazil isn’t difficult but it does take a few weeks (especially if you don’t have a passport) so don’t expect a 24 hour turn-a-round the day before you leave.

First step: PASSPORT

You can apply for a passport at many post offices around the country. The fees and payment methods are listed below. For an additional $15 fee, your passport photo may be taken at some of these offices as well.Use the (Locator) to find the closest Post Office™ to your home or office that accepts passport applications. Some offices may require an appointment to accept your passport application or take your photo, so please call first.Select, complete and print a Passport Application Form in advance to abbreviate your visit.Forms are also available at your local Post Office and many public libraries.

Second Step: VISA

The processing time for you visa is usually 5-9 business days. Check on your local Brazilian Consulates website (google Brazilian Consulate and city) to see what the actual processing times are. Normally you will need your plane itinerary, accommodation information, passport, and $130 USD. The tourist visa application can be filled out online then taken to the consulate when ready.

Third Step: ENJOY