Jiu Jitsu training packages

Rio being a tourist hotspot the options are endless. The cost of your trip can vary greatly depending on the type of luxury you want. We make accomodations for any lifestyle from 5 stars to 3 stars. Trust me you don’t want to go below 3. 

A training package includes:

  • Transportation to and from the airport (as well as training if necessary)
  • Academy fees
  • Atama Mundial Gi (white)
  • Accommodations with maid service including breakfast and lunch M-F (N/A for hotels)
  • If any sightseeing or tourist activities are requested then we will arrange everything for the group to go but entry fees, etc. are not included.
  • We can also arrange all the flight details for an extra 5% of the cost of the tickets.

There are quite a few BJJ academies in Rio and we have listed most of them on our website. My personal academy is Gracie Tijuca in the heart of Rio and I believe the training here is second to none but we can make arrangements with the other academies as well. It is highly encouraged to have a group of 5 or more because of the cost involved. If we have groups from other academies coming and you would like to combine trips to reach 5 or more then we can coordinate that as well.

IMPORTANT: We need a deposit of 50% per person at least a month before your trip to ensure your reservations.