About Train in Rio

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training assistance

Enter your text hereAfter moving here from the United States to be with my wife, I found my second love Jiu Jitsu – which my wife often refers to as my girlfriend. I have had other types of training in the Marine Corps but nothing compares to the technique and lifestyle that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has brought me. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an art form that gives back the youth and vitality we lost years ago and is a great way to spend the rest of your life. Here in Rio de Janerio I have the great fortune to train with some of the most dedicated and technical artists of this lifestyle in the world.

I would like to share these experiences with fellow practitioners of BJJ but without the obstacles of language barriers, misinformation, and guesswork that many non-natives encounter. I hope you let us help you have the training trip of a lifetime. Please feel free to contact with any questions or comments (see “Contact Us” tab).